• April 20, 2019

10 easy ways to find out how serious he is.


When a man says he wants you to have everything really, how can you not believe it? But if you want to know if he really thinks so and is tuned, that’s what you need to pay attention to.

1. He puts the photo with you online.

He is not obliged to post selfies with you every day. But even one photo with you on his page is already encouraging. In the modern world, this is his way of telling the world that he is no longer free and proud to be with you.

2. He does not cancel your plans.

You calmly talk to him about the future (near or far), because you know that you can rely on him. You know that if you agreed to go somewhere on the weekend, he will be there at the appointed time. This is a simple example that shows its reliability and seriousness.

3. He tells you the truth, even if she can upset or scare you.

At the beginning of a relationship, we all try to do our best. But if after a while he begins to reveal himself to you, talk about his difficult past or problems in the family, knowing that this may scare you away, he considers you to be more than a simple hobby.

4. His friends are added to you in social networks.

Well, when he introduces you to friends, but even better when she begins to be friends with you. If they follow you online, this is a good sign. Surely they know that he is serious about you.

5. He invites you to try his hobby.

This is a sacred topic – our hobbies. And when you invite someone to try it with you, you invite a person into your world. This is a great indicator of trust.

6. He frees for you a shelf in his apartment.

If he doesn’t mind that you leave some things in his apartment, even if it makes room for them, this is a good sign. So he expects you to come to him regularly, which means he is not afraid that other girls can see your things (which means they are not there).

7. He is not afraid to take you on dates in his area.

He is not afraid that his friends or acquaintances who live nearby will see you. He is proud of you.

8. He goes to make sacrifices for you.

It may be some little things, but they show that he is ready to make efforts. Maybe it means just to take you to the station when you need to leave. He is ready to do something for your comfort and happiness, because you are important to him.

9. He is interested in your opinion.

When a man considers himself a bachelor, he makes decisions. But if he considers you his partner, he will consult. And this is a good sign of respect from him.

10. He spends time with you even without sex.

Anyone who wants to build a future with you will be interested in you as a person and will want to meet, even without the possibility of sleeping.

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