• April 20, 2019

3 easy ways to get close if you have been together for a long time


Need to reanimate your relationship? It takes effort. Relationships are perhaps one of the most time consuming parts of our lives. Nevertheless, this is the main source of happiness and joy. The main thing is to know a few secrets that will help maintain a close and strong relationship.
If you feel that you have drifted away from each other a little, if you start to get annoyed while you are nearby, you need recharge. Here is what can help:


1. Look at the old photos together.

Remember your special and happy moments. Remember why you love each other. And you yourself will not notice how you start to smile. This is a quick way to return the feeling of warmth to each other.

2. Appreciate each other every day.

If it is very difficult, you can even make a list of things for which you can be grateful to each other every day. Read it out loud once a week. Learn to notice the little things. When you hear that each of you notices in each other, you will try harder.

3. Tell each other your love story.

Talk about how you first met, remember the first date, discuss what you then noticed in each other. It’s like with photos: talk about the positive memories you create together.

On the bad is always easier to focus. Therefore, practice these exercises so as not to lose the good that you have.

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