• April 20, 2019




To have a good relationship, the partners have to be honest. Honesty plays an important role not only in love relationships, but also in maintaining successful relationships with your friends, family and business partners.

It’s normal to want to share things about your life with your partner. It is normal to want to share your dreams, hopes and fears with him.

But honesty can be difficult. We should be honest with our partner, and that goes without saying. But there are some things we should keep to ourselves.

You know, being honest can sometimes lead to unnecessary misunderstandings or we can end up hurting someone.

Keeping certain things for yourself does not mean that you are dishonest. It just means that you are mature enough to respect your own privacy.

Here are some things you’d better not share with your partner:

1. The secrets of your friends

Secrets are called secrets for a reason. They are told in all confidentiality.

If your friends choose you to confide in you, that means they consider you a very trustworthy person.

Do you want to abuse her trust? I do not think so.

It is completely unnecessary to share the secrets of your friends with your partner. He does not need to know whom Sally had a crush on or that Martha had a beauty surgery … Got it?

To betray one’s secret is a total lack of respect for this person.

So the next time you feel like sharing a secret with your husband, remember that it’s better to keep it to yourself.

After all, you definitely do not want to lose a good friend.

2. Compliments you get from other guys

I know that getting compliments from other guys is a good chance to make your partner jealous.

You probably want to emphasize the fact that despite many guys who want you, you chose him. And it is perfectly normal that you want your partner to feel that you are special.

But if you brag all the time that other guys compliment you, do not be surprised if your partner gets the impression that you’re the one provoking other men and that you like it.

Talking about other men who are interested in you can create insecurities in your husband.

He might start thinking that you will replace him with one of these men. Worse, he could become super-controlled and jealous.

3. Too many details about your past relationships

It’s okay to share certain things about your previous relationships with your partner, but do not go into detail!

When you suddenly start talking about your ex and the relationship with him, your partner will think that you are comparing them to each other or that you are not over your ex yet.

It will also be an alarm sign that you are not satisfied with the course of the current relationship.

In addition, if your partner happens to be a narcissist, too many details about your past relationships will be useful and he could use them against you.

4. Rumors or jokes that you hear about him

You probably only have the best intentions when you tell your partner about rumors that someone has spread about him.

However, if these rumors are very nasty, you should think twice before you tell him! Your partner’s feelings could be hurt and that’s the last thing you want.

The best thing you can do is not tell him about the rumors that have nothing to do with your relationship, and even those who will end up being hurt.

It’s obvious that honesty is great, but having a little privacy will not hurt anyone.

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