• April 20, 2019

6 signs that you are incompatible, no matter how much you like him


Strong relationships require much more than just your attraction to each other. Maybe in fact you are not so compatible, even if there is sympathy: 

1. You are not interested in spending time with his friends.

His friends reflect his personality, because he was their choice. And if you don’t like them, then maybe you still don’t recognize your man, because he is probably the same as them.

2. You can not keep up a conversation with him.

Not that he was smarter than you or vice versa, you just can’t find common themes. And the fact that sex is good will not save you.

3. You often quarrel and do not come to a decision.

He cannot look at everything from your point of view and vice versa. It is more important for each of you to win the argument, and not to find a solution. To develop relationships and grow, you need to learn how to interact and solve different situations.

4. He does not understand any side of your life.

Maybe you’re a vegetarian, and maybe it’s important for you to go to the gym every week. Whatever it is, he does not understand and does not respect it. Maybe he speaks badly about it or makes you feel guilty about it. This is not good.

5. You are afraid to talk with him on important topics.

And to develop relationships, it is necessary. If you are too afraid to tell him about something or think that you will frighten him off with a conversation, you are not on the same wavelength.

6. You can not find a general occupation.

To figure out what to do on the weekend is a whole test, and so on every time. You cannot agree on what to do. In the end, stay watching a movie at home. And your relationship does not develop.

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