• April 20, 2019

8 things that a man has no right to expect from a woman


Having expectations from relationships is good, but they must be reasonable. And although women are usually blamed for wanting too much from men, sometimes men expect too much from women. Here are at least 8 things that many men expect from a woman, but have no right to do this:

1. She should be perfectly shaved (permanently).

Men have less body parts to shave, and yet they don’t do it every day. And the woman herself decides what to do with her body, what to shave and how often, and whether to shave at all.

2. She should listen to the same music as he.

Is it really that critical? Everyone should respect the preferences of the other. No one should pretend that he likes what he doesn’t like, especially in personal relationships that should be built on honesty.

3. She must stop noticing other men.

And he is ready to stop noticing attractive women? In addition, it happens in a natural way: we pay attention to everything beautiful. Just to notice does not mean change. The relationship is that you recognize that there are other people, but choose life together and trust each other.

4. She should behave more feminine.

What does it all mean today? Unless you walk with a hand in your pants, as the men do, you always remain a woman. Modern women are those who cope with everything on their own. They are daughters, mothers, sisters, girls and wives. They tolerate male nonsense, PMS, the whims of children, stress at work, they cook, they love with all their hearts. Come on, let her try to ask all this to be more feminine.

5. She must agree with him in everything.

Compromise is the basis of any successful relationship. This means understanding and appreciating each other’s opinions, and not forcing to agree. Everyone has their own views, and you too. A woman has the right to vote equivalent.

6. She must stop dating boyfriends.

It is just a matter of trust between partners. You chose him, so he must trust you. Never forget your friends, no matter what sex they are.

7. She should be painted and dressed as he likes.

Many men think that we dress and dye for them. Maybe this is partly true, but not for everyone and not 100%. Women like to take care of themselves to feel confident. So no need to adapt to it. Is that only take into account the advice and suggestions.

8. She should spend all her free time with him.

If you respect his need for meeting with friends, he must respect your need for communication with girlfriends. Space for everyone in a relationship is a very useful thing.

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