• April 20, 2019

9 fastest ways to lose a man’s interest (according to themselves)


You meet, and everything seems to be going well. And then all of a sudden his interest just disappears. What happened? This is what men themselves say about why this can happen, and what we women can do wrong:

1. You try to change it immediately.

“I once had a girl who barely had time to go into my apartment when she began to command what was wrong with me. She threw expired fish out of my fridge and gave a lecture on the shelf life of products. Maybe if we met long ago, I would have endured it, but it was on the first date! ”

2. You laugh at his hobby.

“I met a girl who really liked me, but she made it clear that she considers my hobbies to be stupid. She said I wasted my time. I felt humiliated because I devoted a lot of time to this hobby and was proud of myself. ” Maybe you do not like his passion, but this is not a reason to laugh at it or insult him.

3. You take yourself too seriously.

“If she can’t laugh at herself or thinks that every joke touches her, it’s annoying. Most men want a girlfriend to laugh with, and if not, it pushes away. ”

4. You are a little snob.

“If you do not like children, this is normal, but if you are one of those who start complaining in a restaurant, because children sit at the next table, you are a snob. Few people will like a girl with such an attitude towards children or animals. You may not want them, but you must show understanding and sympathy. ”

5. You are in too much of a hurry relationship.

“I met a girl who made plans for the year ahead. We have not even decided that everything is serious between us. And all the time I said “Of course, if we are still together,” and she was angry, asked why not. It scared me a little, to be honest. ” If you are destined to be together, you will. No need to try to immediately hunt a man, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

6. You write to him too often or not at all.

“I had both of these options. If you write to me every day all day, it’s annoying. But if you respond to my message after half a day, I will start building other plans. ” In all you need a balance!

7. You are not trying to recognize him.

If you only want to spend his money or spend all the time in the bedroom, he will decide that you use it. “I had a girlfriend who wanted to meet only at my house and have sex. And you know what? I was bored. She could not even really communicate. I realized that she did not want to recognize me as a person. ”

8. You do not say what you want, but you are angry when he does not understand the hints.

“My ex was doing this all the time when I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said,“ I don’t care. ” But this was not the case, because when we parted, she said that she did not like it, that we never went to her favorite restaurants. Now I don’t like girls who don’t say directly what they want. ”

9. You catch him on the bait.

“I went on several dates with girls who didn’t look at all like the photos on the web. Maybe I would still go on a date with them if they put their real photo, but the very fact that they deceived me initially is already turning away. ”

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