• March 19, 2019

9 signs that your friend has fallen in love with you


We want to think that we understand and know our friends well. But what about when romantic feelings arise in friendship? Everything becomes more complicated.

To understand the feelings of your friend, you need to pay attention to his behavior.



1. He is very worried about his appearance when he is with you.

Maybe you notice that he began to preen to meet with you. And if there is no one else to attract his attention, then surely he is trying so hard for you.

2. You often catch his eye on yourself.

Even if you are in a big company, you increasingly notice that he looks at you more and longer than others. When you catch his look, he can be embarrassed.

3. He avoids you in company.

At the same time, he can look at you, but avoid direct contact with the company. He is afraid that someone will notice his sympathy for you. He is afraid that he will seem not just friendly.

4. He begins to repeat after you.

This is one of the strong signs that you are attracting someone. This is proved by scientists! If you notice that your friend suddenly began to repeat your gestures, manner or other behavior, he probably likes you a lot.

5. He makes you guess.

If your friend suddenly begins to give you gifts often, to give signs of attention, and you feel that this is not as usual, it means he likes you.

6. He does not miss a meeting where you are.

Maybe he was not going to go to any gatherings of your company, but when you said that you were there, he suddenly decided to come too.

7. He became shy.

Maybe he is nervous in your surroundings, may be worried that everyone will know about his feelings, and in general it may be embarrassing that he fell in love with a girlfriend … but apparently this is the case.

8. He always laughs at your jokes.

Even when you’re joking unsuccessfully. Well, you know that friends can actually say directly when your joke has failed, and even pin you up. But if a friend fell in love with you, he will worry more about your feelings.

9. He finds a reason to touch you.

Maybe he is trying to literally close the distance between you, then this is a good sign. He can hug you more often, straighten your hair, sit next to you.

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