• April 20, 2019

9 ways to get even closer emotionally in a relationship


Emotional proximity is like a bank account. It must be constantly replenished so that it does not end. If only to withdraw funds, the account will not increase. So emotional closeness takes time, effort, and communication. And here’s what you can put on deposit for your rapprochement:

1. Say “thank you.”

This is the little you can do. Be specific. Give thanks for something concrete, even the slightest.

2. Say “I appreciate it.”

Let your partner know that you value how he / she tries for you and your relationship.

3. Complain, but do not blame.

This means not to criticize each other. You should discuss your problems, take responsibility for your words and deeds, not defend yourself, but seek a solution.

4. Develop empathy.

Do not just listen to your partner, but try to understand him, to feel. This will give him to understand that it is important to you, that his condition is important to you.

5. Keep track of your gadgets.

When you are having dinner or chatting together, put the phones aside. Talk without distractions. Ask questions, listen to the answers. You will always have time to answer the phone and the message.

6. Watch for yourself.

This means enough to relax, follow the diet, exercise. Take breaks in work and do not be too critical of yourself.

7. Accept the influence of your partner.

Take your partner’s ideas and suggestions with enthusiasm. This truth is very useful for your emotional intimacy.

8. Maintain each other’s dreams.

It is easy to forget about your dreams when you are in a relationship, especially to talk about them with your partner. But this is also a level of emotional intimacy, when you can share with each other what you dream. And to know that your man supports you in this is priceless.

9. Be prepared to work on relationships.

In all respects, there are ups and downs. This is expected. It is important to work, not to rush to conclusions, to disagree and find a compromise.

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