• April 20, 2019

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How does Gemini fit with other zodiac signs?

Twins and rams Partnership / relationship: These two signs of the zodiac match exceptionally well. This circumstance is also due to the fact that the twin is assigned to the element air and the ram to the element fire. The qualities of both complement each other optimally in a partnership, because they are emotional, spontaneous


How does Taurus fit with other zodiac signs?

Bull and ram Partnership / relationship If, at first sight, it seems as if this combination of signs of the zodiac does not match one another, a harmonious relationship is possible, considering a few circumstances. Both star signs are considered extremely stubborn and so decisions can take a long time. Both zodiac signs must first


How does Aries fit in with other zodiac signs?

Aries and Aries Partnership / relationship: It is always something special when two identical signs of the zodiac meet, but it can also lead to tensions. Aries are spontaneous and active, a relationship between them never gets boring because they spur each other on. At the first meeting it sparks violently and both like to


How does Sagittarius fit in with other zodiac signs?

    12 word text that makes him need you in his life Sagittarius and Aries Partnership / relationship: Passion and temperament prevail on both sides, which can sustain a partnership over a long period of time. However, both need a great deal of freedom, because they are very independent people. Narrowing leads to quarrels.

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