• March 22, 2019

Compatibility Virgo: What Star Signs Do You Match?




The maiden is always on the search for perfection. She is sincere and sincere and seeks these qualities with her partner, with whom she dreams of living in perfect harmony. Your manic side page can quickly upset you unless you’re made to get along with it, like bull and ibex. Are you compatible with the virgin? Take the test!

The Virgin is an earth sign and was born between the 24th of August and the 22nd of September . Her ruler planet Merkur gives her precision, logic and tact. To learn more about this zodiac, consult the Virgo zodiac profile .

You are a virgin and you want to know which zodiac signs you are compatible with? They long for a life of harmony, with a partner who is like her and understands her. But beware, you are always on guard and therefore difficult for many to understand. For others it is difficult to penetrate their world.

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Compatibility in Love: Which Zodiac Do you Understand Best?

They are honest and sincere and extremely reliable. So you have a calming effect on your partner and let your relationship flourish. Only your shy side can bother some.

Dear Virgo, click quickly on the star sign of the person who can not get out of your head and see if they fit together . And when the first step is done, discover here how to best seduce which star sign .

Which signs would make the female a perfect couple?


Virgo and Aries: is it fitting in love?

An impossible union
It is a bit surprising to think of these two together, they are so opposite in everything! At work , however, the two can make a good team , the ram leads the projects and actions and the Virgin strengthens his back, regulates everything in the background and takes care of the bookkeeping.

Emotionally, it’s complicated . The extroverted, adventurous, active ram will soon feel overwhelmed by the timid, anxious, introverted maiden . Even if the maiden can first submit to the ram, she risks eventually getting out of hand. To be constantly dominated, you do not do well and make you angry and vindictive. There is therefore a high risk of misunderstanding and imbalance in this couple.

“Emotionally it’s complicated”

Compatibility in love : ♥

Risk : incomprehension

Strength : supplement

Tip : Keep the flame burning

Virgo – Aries: The secret for an intact relationship

If things go well, the conscientious, ordained virgin will give the ram stability and support it perfectly in its daily tasks. The ram, on the other hand, is admired by the virgin for its assertiveness. The ram could quickly weary the virgin … Be suspicious


Virgin and Taurus: is it fitting in love?

Harmonious through and through?
These two earth signs have much in common and therefore can experience a connection that defies time. Their calm, organized and temperate nature, their practical sense and their need for security weld them together . The presence of the bull and his quiet power calms the maiden as she cares for the bull, who feels comfortable in such sweet company.

“Their calm, organized and temperate nature, their practical sense and their need for security weld them together.”

Compatibility in love : ♥ ♥ ♥

Risk : sexual disagreements

Strength : complementary characters

Tip : Make compromises for the other’s passions and hobbies

Virgo – Taurus: the secret of an intact relationship

In practice, both zodiac signs are diligent and committed , so they always realize their goals. On the negative side, the bull , who loves good food and a lively social life, accuses the maiden of being a little too strict, stubborn and anxious. Also, the bull is very sensual. This sensuality does not necessarily tell the maiden. But her temporary craze attracts the bull and her sudden extravagance may even unsettle the bull!


Virgin and Gemini: is it fitting in love?© Contributed by Wengo Virgo and Gemini: Does It Fit in Love?
Everything happens in the head
Mercury, planet of intellect and mind, is the ruler planet of both zodiac signs . A great team at work. In love, on the other hand, this relationship is based more on reason and intellectual attachment than on feelings and sensual desire. Both are not very sentimental, but nevertheless they feel a strong connection, because they are very similar. They do not necessarily show it outwardly, but they know they can count on each other.

“They do not necessarily show it to the outside, but they know they can count on each other.”

Compatibility in love : ♥ ♥ ♥

Risk : a platonic relationship

Strength : close connection

Tip : You can rely on each other

Jungfrau – Gemini: the secret for an intact relationship

The light-footedness of the twin has a calming effect on the maiden , who is always a bit stressed and constantly worried unnecessarily. The twin brings a little more serenity into her life, while the maiden, with her loyalty and sense of organization, provides a stable foundation and support in the everyday life of the twin .


Virgo and Cancer: does it fit in love?

Looking for a quiet life

At the affective level, be it in family, friendship, or love, Cancer and Virgo , who, as shy and introverted as the other, will have to make an effort to approach each other, but once the bond of trust is established, they will become be able to stay united in a lasting relationship for a long time. Both are very connected to their home , to their family and they will try to build and share a quiet and peaceful life.

A perfect relationship at the professional level
At work, these two characters understand each other very well because they treat each other with patience, balance, respect and sensitivity. The cancer is creative and inspiring, while the virgin possesses the necessary practical sense. Together they complement each other super .

“They complement each other.”

Compatibility in love: ♥ ♥ ♥

Risk: both are very shy

Strength: they have the same values

Tip: use communication


Virgo – Cancer: the secret of an intact relationship

In case of obstacles or conflicts, they are prepared to fight together . The cancer is calmed by the attentive, benevolent maiden, who responds with serenity and practical common sense. The Virgin, on the other hand, will find solace in Cancer thanks to his gentleness and warmth and deep feelings. The only drawback: The very sentimental cancer will sometimes suffer from the apparent dryness of the maiden. Think about it!


Virgin and Leo: does it fit in love?

An unlikely combo
These two signs are extremely different! They are quite incompatible , though the magic of love can do anything! The lion is dynamic, sociable, curious, open to everything and has to live passionately, while the maiden is rather shy, reserved and domestic and is bound to her little habits.

“They are extremely different”

Compatibility in love : ♥

Risk : They are very different

Strength : an intellectual couple

Tip : put it on a platonic relationship

Compatibility at work: Virgo and Leo

In a professional relationship, these two provide an excellent combination as long as the lion occupies a senior position. The maiden will then respond to his demands with tact and precision, and bring admiration to the lion, who generously gives her back. But if the virgin is in the leading position, the lion will rebel!

Virgo – Leo: The secret for an intact relationship

In a pair, the lion risks suffering from the maiden’s lack of passion . The sensual lion will expect the maiden to show more passion … in vain! If the couple is based on a more intellectual level, the relationship may hold. The lion offers the maiden material security while she cares for him lovingly. But love is not to be confused with friendship …


Virgin and virgin: does it fit in love?

More than just soul mates, twin souls
These two same zodiacs will probably get on well together and lead a long life together , albeit without excitement! In fact, they are both reserved, polite, helpful, cautious, faithful, modest …. So there will be no big quarrels between them, but sometimes they can get angry at their little mania and fall into vulgarity. Nothing serious, because if they manage to reassure each other with habits and material comfort, they can help each other , caring for each other with touching care and slowly but surely moving forward together in small projects !

“Two virgins can share a comfortable home.” “

Compatibility in love : ♥ ♥ ♥

Risk : platonic relationship

Strength : have the same values

Tip : Try to move forward together

Jungfrau – Jungfrau: The secret for an intact relationship

Two virgins can share a pleasant, quiet and well-kept home , with or without children, because their great responsibility scares them. But you have to be careful that you do not get bored in this long, calm river of life and do not panic too much. Also, be careful not to get cold and preserve the sensual and emotional exchange, because without it, their relationship would be like that of brother and sister.


Virgin and Libra: does it fit in love?

Two characters that could not be more opposite
Virgo and Libra are very different , but at the same time both are also conciliatory zodiac signs . The Libra senses the benevolence of the Virgin so that she is even lovelier to her. We imagine a great friendship between them! As a couple, the two star signs work on their balance and harmony at home. The virgin has more practical sense than the carefree, dreamy scales. The Libra, on the other hand, brings its gentleness and artistic side to the everyday life of the Virgin, who often lives in a too narrow-minded universe. On the other hand, it will be hard for the Libra, for the financial fears of the Virgin to react, because she needs freedom and a lively social life: going out, meeting people, enchanting …

“A beautiful friendship is conceivable!”

Compatibility in love : ♥ ♥

Risk : They are very different

Strength : a common pursuit of harmony

Tip : bet on friendship

Virgo – Libra: the secret of an intact relationship

The Virgin may not always understand all the needs of the Libra and become jealous or angry if she refuses to follow Libra in her social life. The Libra, a great romantic and great lover, therefore risks suffering from the fact that the Virgin is cold to her and shows no feelings. That could eventually lead her to seek out the passion elsewhere …


Virgo and Scorpio: is it fitting in love?

An impossible couple
These two star signs could not be more different ! The maiden is temperate, smart, thoughtful and shy, while the scorpion can be cocky, careless, instinctive, emotional, courageous and even ruthless. The maiden is friendly, the scorpion loves to sting and provoke, even if it is often just about looking authentic. The maiden is often feeling cold and does not leave her feelings close to her and reserved, the scorpion is passionate, fusional and loves in an intense way. He is direct and knows no false modesty. On a physical level, the maiden can do without cuddling, while scorpion sex is the basis of the relationship.

“It’s hard to believe that these two could form a couple …”

Compatibility in love : –

Risk : They could drive each other out

Strength : —

Tip : Make compromises

Virgo – Scorpio: The secret to an intact relationship

In addition, the maiden is not calmed down by Scorpio’s “head-by-wall” behavior , especially in financial matters and practical matters …. Scorpio, on the other hand, will be terribly bored with her ! It is hard to believe that this couple can function both privately and in a professional relationship where there will be many misunderstandings. The maiden, who loves her rest, will really find the scorpion disturbing and taking it out. As for him, he will find this relationship troublesome and turn away from it in the long run …


Virgin and Sagittarius: is it fitting in love?

Harmony through and through
Virgo and Sagittarius both have a very conventional and traditional side . Both need safety, comfort and fulfillment. The Sagittarius loves to protect and care for his family, and the peaceful Virgin is carefree about him. In addition, the joyful and affable Sagittarius helps to open the Virgin, who is often too strict with herself. On the other hand, the Virgin offers the shooter a well-organized everyday life. He can rely on her and trust her in shaping the common everyday life. In professional cooperation , these two perform qualitative work , provided that the shooter is not hierarchically subordinate to the Virgin .

“These two star signs can be successful in their union ….”

Compatibility in love : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Risk : A sometimes distant shooter

Strength : They know exactly how to meet each other’s expectations

Tip : Trust yourself

Virgo – Sagittarius: the secret for an intact relationship

These two signs of the zodiac can succeed in their union, provided that the maiden does not behave in a possessive manner and leaves the boisterous, life-loving and sociable shooter the freedom he needs or follows and joins in his active lifestyle. As far as Sagittarius is concerned, he sometimes has to relieve his busy scheduler a bit to give his better half a little more attention and time !


Virgo and Capricorn: is it fitting in love?

A long lasting relationship, but without passion
These two earth signs are very similar and can spend long happy days together, even if their everyday life could lack a lot of imagination and creativity . In friendship, as well as in the family, they are both calm and stable. There is trust between them, they are loyal and sincere to each other. As couples, they both like to live isolated, they are attached to habits and need material security (though not for comfort).

And at a professional level?
At work, Virgo and Capricorn work hand in hand with sincerity, trust and commitment in what they do, and are making rapid progress. They are characterized by concentration and attention to detail. However, when ingenuity is required, they may lack creativity.

“They keep their feelings at a distance. For her, love must be reasonable … “

Compatibility in love : ♥ ♥ ♥

Risk : You could quickly fall into indifference

Strength : Your relationship lasts a lifetime

Tip : Bring more passion into the relationship

Virgo – Capricorn: the secret for an intact relationship

Their peculiarity is that they take a lot of distance from their feelings , because in their opinion love must be reasonable, there is no room for a little bit of craziness and spontaneity . Surely there will be no nasty surprises, they commit themselves for a lifetime. But they must be careful not to indulge in a certain indifference so that their relationship does not live in a simple coexistence as a living together. So you have to communicate with each other and be careful not to be too self-absorbed!


Virgo and Aquarius: does it fit in love?

“They do not fit together”

They both make a very strange couple ! The shy, sometimes timid and conventional virgin looks with great wonder at the imaginative, adventurous, innovative Aquarius! At work, the latter can bring the fresh wind she needs to better adapt to trends and fashions. In return, the Virgin will give him practical advice and help him in his administrative procedures to advance his projects. In friendship as in the family, they need a good dose of love to understand each other, otherwise they could mutually the impression win from another planet to come.

“It takes a good dose of love to understand each other.”

Compatibility in love : –

Risk : They do not come from the same star

Strength : Driving professional projects

Tip : Put on love to understand each other

Virgo – Aquarius: the secret of an intact relationship

In the partnership the maiden is by no means calmed by the versatile and independent side of Aquarius. The talkative and inquisitive Aquarius could easily get bored with the silent maiden. Your view of life is so different. As a matter of course, one can say that the maiden is already retiring at the age of 20, whereas Aquarius, when retired, can certainly start a new career! Virgo is foresight, Aquarius is improvisation! This should be problematic in the education of children, the organization of daily life and material things and lead to conflicts .


Virgo and fish: does it fit in love?

Unexpected love
These two zodiac signs, which lie opposite each other in the zodiac , initially attract like magnets . But over a longer period , they should beware of their fundamental differences ! The charming, romantic and gentle fish are attractive to the Virgin and fascinate her. The virgin, however, gives the dreamy fish, which often lack the sense of reality, the necessary practical sense. The maiden stands firmly on the ground with both legs and is organized and punctual. From a financial point of view, fish tend to waste money because it has no particular value for them, while the maiden is always anxious to save and is afraid of big expenses.

“You have to compromise in order to work together in everyday life.”

Compatibility in love : ♥ ♥

Risk : They are very different

Strength : you can complement each other

Tip : Be ready to compromise

Virgo – Pisces: the secret to an intact relationship

You have to find compromises to live together every day. But if they succeed and complement each other, they can develop together. The Virgin, who is a head person, will simply have to free herself more to show her love to the very sensitive and sentimental fish. The fish must convince the maiden that she is capable of taking responsibility.

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