• April 23, 2019

Happy Loving With The Right Partner Horoscope

Recognize and interpret personal attachments in a horoscope

Your horoscope not only shows your character traits and abilities. You also learn about astrology, which talents, preferences and life tasks have brought you into this life. Based on this, astrology can tell you how you love and how you bond. The personal partnerships can be derived via several hints in a horoscope and a partner horoscope.

In a quick overview, your chart will tell you if you prefer a younger or older partner. Your horoscope can quickly tell you whether you love monogamous or polygamous. Astrology reveals whether you like loyalty or need variety to be fulfilled and happy. According to her horoscope, some people only enter into a stable partnership in the second half of their lives and others, according to their horoscope, wish to go through life alone.

All these inclinations and desires are tested by astrology, even before the actual partner horoscope is created. First, the individual horoscope is analyzed to determine inclinations. Subsequently, both horoscopes are superimposed. In astrology, this provides information about the influence that one partner has on the other. It can be seen who is the dominant partner and whether both people are doing well. Then the partner horoscope is created in astrology. For this purpose, a new horoscope is calculated based on the dates of birth of the partners.

The partner horoscope is also interpreted and allows conclusions to be drawn about the potential for a common bond.
In astrology, the celestial bodies, planets, points, and connections among each other are considered closer to each other for a partner comparison. Your position in the horoscope, as well as the zodiac signs in astrology tell you how to choose a partner.

Together, calculations in the chart provide an overall picture that allows you to draw conclusions about your individual preferences. In astrology, the horoscopes of both partners are compared with each other and paid attention to similarities and differences. The partner horoscope gives in the astrology further information about the success tendencies of a partnership.
The planets Mars and Venus play an important role in astrology. You tell us in the chart what you want from a partner. In astrology, the planet Mars stands for the properties of the partner and the Venus for the partner.

If Mars is in Capricorn in the chart, the woman wants a traditional and dominant partner. If Venus is in the horoscope of a man in the sign of Aquarius, the Lord wishes for a freedom-loving and enterprising partner.
The planets Venus and Mars describe in astrology not only the wish partner.

In addition, the horoscope also shows how you present yourself within a partnership. A woman whose Venus is in the Horoscope in the zodiac sign Cancer, is very family and also wants a family of their own. In astrology, a man whose Mars is in the horoscope in the sign of Scorpio is considered passionate and profound.
The planets in astrology provide an overview of how you move within a partnership, and you learn about your horoscope which qualities of the partner are important to you. In addition, the partner horoscope shows the common strengths and weaknesses. Astrology checks if everything fits together for a stable partnership.

Unconscious influences in the partner choice in the horoscope

In most interactions, many processes are unconscious and implicit in choosing a partner. In a partner horoscope you can see what attracts you to another person. In some cases, the partner horoscope shows that you initially feel repelled and only later develop a liking. Behind it are unconscious aspects that have a strong influence on your mate choice. They are all shown in your horoscope and also in the partner horoscope. Sometimes astrology explains what happens between people, even though they do not fully understand themselves.

Astrology and your horoscope will tell you which areas of your life, such as your family, job, or health, need more attention. Astrology provides the partner horoscope with the ability to identify phases in which the partners will distance themselves for a while. This is a wonderful way to learn about astrology, whether it is a temporary crisis or separation.

A horoscope can also tell you if you have a tendency to make several marriages in your life. Astrology also tells you whether you will bind yourself at an older age. Depending on your individual disposition, you unconsciously select partners with whom you can live your life task from the horoscope. In the partner horoscope Planet Neptune shows if you are inclined to idealize your partner. The lucky planet Jupiter shows in the chart whether you tend to close several marriages in your life. The zodiac sign Capricorn can show in the horoscope, whether you must first learn your partnership fulfillment.


Possibilities and chances of a partner horoscope

Before you learn more about the partner horoscope, you should know that the astrology and thus the interpretation of each horoscope points tendencies. You learn about a partner horoscope, which opportunities can offer you. Ultimately, however, you decide for yourself whether to use a horoscope option or reject it. A partner horoscope gives you information about the potential of a relationship. Nevertheless, despite astrology, every human being has a free will that he lives. If you have a wonderful partner horoscope with your dream partner, there may still be other factors that have a stronger influence.

Remember that astrology is able to show you the common possibilities of having a partner horoscope with another human being, but it is up to the individuals themselves whether they want to and do not want to.

Some points may seem contradictory in the chart, yet they make sense. This means that there is no perfect partner horoscope. Every horoscope has positive and negative aspects. This is important in astrology for further development. So if it turns out that you prefer a younger partner and your partner prefers a younger partner according to your horoscope, astrology is not a crucial criterion for the success of a partnership. Rather, it shows a preference and other aspects in the horoscope and in the partner horoscope provide information about the satisfaction within the partnership.


Diverse fields of application of a partner’s horoscope


A partner horoscope is not created only for love relationships. For all interpersonal relationships, a partner horoscope can be created and interpreted. Therefore, for example, a partner horoscope is recommended for business relationships as well as for friendly or family connections. Astrology provides information about mutual loyalty or a potential fraud bias through the partner horoscope. Therefore, partner horoscopes have an invaluable value, especially in business relationships.

It is very helpful to find out from a partner horoscope whether both persons are pursuing the same goal and are also dealing with each other harmoniously in crises. The partner horoscope reveals whether their understanding of new developments or their relation to financial decisions are congruent. With a partner horoscope, all interpersonal relationships can be considered more intensively. Astrology offers the opportunity to analyze the relationship between children and parents or siblings.

If you have the birth data of your supervisor, it would also be possible to determine with a partner horoscope whether he supports you or sees more than just one employee in you. Astrology therefore has a variety of possibilities with a partner horoscope, which go far beyond a love relationship.



Karmic relationships and partnerships in the horoscope

All relationships you make are karmic relationships. Karma includes not only in astrology the life and learning tasks that people will face in different areas. Astrology offers different approaches to take a closer look at karmic tasks in the horoscope and also in the partner horoscope. Through karma there is a development and learning. The more intense a relationship is, the more you can learn. In astrology, the ascending lunar node in your horoscope shows the important life mission you bring to this incarnation.

Depending on the position in the chart, he may also include the topic of love and partnership. The lunar node is not a celestial body, but has a strong meaning in astrology. Astronomically, it forms the intersection between the solar and lunar tracks. There are two lunar nodes that face each other in the horoscope. One of them gives information about the karma. For example, if the lunar node is in balance in the chart, then it is important to live harmony and balance in the relationship. If the lunar node is in the partner horoscope in the sign of the zodiac pisces, then the topic within the partnership is the common expansion of consciousness.

In the partner horoscope can be found even more evidence of a karmic relationship. For this purpose in astrology, the horoscopes of both partners are superimposed. If the Lilith of one partner falls into the partner’s house of the other and vice versa, two soul mates have found each other. This is ideal in astrology as long as additional factors such as passion and mutual support are added. The Lilith is also not a celestial body, but plays a central role in astrology. It is also called the “Black Moon” and is a computationally determined point, which results from the Erdbahn and the moon orbit.
The partner horoscope is very helpful if you would like to find out which common life goals you have with your partner.

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