• April 20, 2019


1. Aries

That kind of fuckboy will make you cry after each fight and blame you for the things you did not do. He is known to be hot-tempered, and he shows it in his outbursts.

He’s going to do things you can not even imagine – like a date with you, just to show off to his friends with a hot bride who’s on him.

2. Taurus

This man is a seriously dangerous fuckboy. He will label your relationship and make up various excuses just so he will not be seen in public with you.

If you go out with him, be prepared to blame him for being late for work, not eating and drinking cold coffee. Goodbye Taurus – we will not miss you!

3. Gemini

This fuckboy makes double trouble. At first, it may seem as if everything is nice and sweet with him and then he will suddenly throw you out of his life. With him you will never know what you did wrong.

You can expect him to turn your enemies on and slap over you with his army of losers. With him your happy days are numbered!

4. Cancer

This fuckboy does not care about your needs and emotions because he is obsessed with his ill needs. If he wants to have sex with you, he will not care if you have your period and he will want you to give him everything here and now.

So selfish is he, so if you really want to save your common sense, stay away from him.

5. Leo

He is the master of catastrophe-a fuckboy who feels no remorse for seducing you, putting you to bed and leaving you in tears.

If he gets an opportunity, he’ll cheat on you and once he gets caught, he’ll say he’s sorry, but he’ll do the same bad things again. And no, he will never be a husband.

6. Virgo

He wants to have you, fuck you and treat you like shit, but never bind you. He is selfish and greedy, and he would rather you break with him than be happy with another man.

He will criticize your appearance, sabotage your self-esteem and make you feel bad. He just wants you to be his personal Barbie, but too bad he does not get what he wants!


7. Libra

He’s the type Fuckboy who pretends to be charismatic and honest, but who will cheat on you as soon as he gets the chance. He is a drama queen and if he decides to leave you, it will be as if you were Romeo and Juliet.

So, do not believe him, that he has to leave you because he did not deserve you. You were probably a concubine all the time and there is another girl in your life (or two).

8. Scorpio

This fuckboy is always in possessive mode. He will try to convince you that he is the only person you need in life by isolating you from your friends and family.

But the bad thing is that he can not even believe the words that come out of his mouth, so do not try to fix him. Your life’s work is not to save him from his paranoia, so live your life to the fullest and leave it where it belongs-in the past.

9. Sagittarius

This fuckboy is inherently restless, so you’ll never know if he loves you or just wants to fuck and disappear. He’ll leave you as easy as he throws an empty can of beer in the bin. He does not have many emotions in romantic relationships and therefore he is always alone.

10. Capricorn

This fuckboy is a strategy player. He will tell you everything you want to hear, just so he gets what he wants. He thinks that life and love are just games that you can win or lose, and that’s his life motto.

Do not be surprised to see him today and see her on Facebook tomorrow with another girl on the other side of the world.

11. Aquarius

He is stubborn, selfish and nonconformist. In a word, this man is a real playboy who just wants to satisfy his needs

He will not give your relationship a label, nor will he ever use a condom. These things are something he does not believe in, so stay away from him if you do not want to get pregnant and stand alone in front of the altar.

12. Pisces

This type of fuckboy is very strange because he lives in his own world of dreams and hopes. He’ll tell you that you’re hot and that you can count on him when you need sex, but that’s about it. Do not start liking him, because he’s a man who will not grow up so fast.

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