• March 19, 2019

How to Find Real Love When You Think It Will Never Happen


Why do we give ourselves such an early deadline to find true love? Many of us are in such a rush to find our perfect match that we either disappoint ourselves when we can’t find it or let ourselves feel stuck in a relationship that doesn’t bring us joy.

Real love gives us the best version of ourselves. Our bond with the other person helps us celebrate what makes us beautiful. The good news is just because you haven’t found that magic yet doesn’t mean you won’t ever find it. Let these affirmations remind yourself that love is still waiting for you.



Don’t settle
Being in a committed relationship does not mean you’re in love. Similarly, being in lust does not mean you’re in love. While these relationships are fun in the short term, they can waste your time if you’re looking for the real thing.

Be yourself
A date is not an audition. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re performing when you’re with someone. Your soulmate will be attracted to you, with all of your quirks, jokes, and opinions.

Pursue your passions
Too often we see women who change who they are based on who they’re currently dating. Our partners can inspire us or introduce us to new hobbies, but you shouldn’t have to feel like you have to change your favorite band every time you meet someone new. Knowing who you are helps you realize the person with whom you’ll connect –– and as an added bonus, maybe you’ll meet your Prince Charming while you’re at a concert or meet-up for your hobby.

Don’t compare yourself to others
It doesn’t matter if you’re the only single friend in your group so long as you’re happy. Maybe your friends are in happy, fulfilling relationships or maybe they only appear that way on social media. Whatever the case is, everyone is running a different race.

Be open to relationships changing
Childhood neighbors might grow up to find love, but it’s not just children who change. People continue to evolve throughout their lives. Maybe that immature friend from high school is a caring sweetheart now. Who knows?

Relieve the pressure on yourself
As frustrating as the cliche goes, it’s true: the more you look for something, the harder it is to find. Let love happen naturally. Don’t force a date to go well or stay with someone just because you’ve been dating forever. Just let loose and the pieces will fall together for you.

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