• April 20, 2019

How to piss off someone based on their zodiac sign!

Like and dislike

There are two types of people in this world – the ones you like and the one’s you hate. The one’s you like have a clean chit, a ticket to do anything they like and you’d appreciate even their miniscule efforts.

I hate you

On the other hand, let’s talk about people you don’t like! Even if they save your life, you’d come up with an excuse to find faults with them. No matter what they do, they will end up upsetting your and pissing you off.

Stuck in between

Being pissed off is a weird state of being. I say this because ‘pissed off’ is like stranded on a lonely highway. You are in between two places, often stuck in the middle of nowhere. So being pissed off is like you are angry or disgusted but not angry enough for an outburst.

What pisses you off?

So how does one piss you off? Does it happen when they don’t put the toilet seat down or hand you a dog-eared book? Not sure? Let’s ask your zodiac sign!

Unraveling your other side

Our zodiac signs are the key to our personalities. They determine our traits and chart out our life path. Therefore, they would know what triggers our outbursts or what makes us upset.

Zodiac sign, the key to personality

Even the quietest of the zodiac signs has a dark side to them and these can be decoded by unraveling the answers to what pisses one off based on their zodiac sign…


The dynamic force that they are, the Ram is someone who is very engrossed in their work. They move ahead in full steam always and if you happen to interrupt, you will face the brunt of their wrath! They will stamp on you and speed up ahead.


The easiest way to piss them off is to corner them and catch them off guard. They hate being unprepared as they rely on their knowledge and stability. So if you happen to change things without them knowing, they would hate you and plot your death!


These social butterflies hate waiting or being stranded at one place. They like to flit around and explore things. So if you want to upset them, make them wait as it will make them anxious and angry.


Cancerians love people close to them and are super protective about them. If you want to piss off a Cancer, simply don’t be a good friend as they are to you or show them you cannot be trusted enough. They would get hyper and eventually kick you out!


The regal lions love their share of the limelight. Want to piss them off? Simply don’t praise them or give them credit where it’s due. They will show you that they are upset and take what’s theirs. But beware, it comes with a price!


Virgos are highly organized in what they do and if you try to tell them how to do their job or try to take over their work, they will be pissed for sure. Not only will they be upset, it will result in severe loathing for you.


The just Libra has a tough time maintaining harmony and balance among people they really care about and if you happen to be the cause that throws things off balance or are unfair, well, God help you!


Scorpios are the true masters of mind games. They’d know instantly that someone is lying. But to their loved ones, they come clean and pure. If you want to piss them off, simply lie to them or betray them. They will arrange for your death warrant.


A Sagittarius is someone who loves to wander solo. They have umpteen friends but prefer no attachments or commitments. If you wish to piss them off, simply tag along or cling onto them. They will hate you right away.


Capricorns are serious folks. They take everything – life, work, love, friendship etc. seriously. They have no sense of humor. So the easiest way to piss them off is to make fun of them.


Innovative Aquarius is the life of any party. But they are the ones who will do all the talking and they are always right. If you want to upset them and piss them off, don’t let them talk or cut into their conversation. They will hate your gut instantly.


Pisceans are fragile creatures. They are nice to everyone and feel for them. It is easy to upset them too. To piss them off simply be mean to them. They won’t be able to handle it.

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