• March 19, 2019

Little Things People Do During S*x That Mean They Love You


Everyone has their own weird ways of showing their partners how much they love them.  Some tend to be more outgoing and expressive, while others tend to go the minimalist route.  At the end of the day, though, love is love.  When you’re tangled up with your partner (bumping uglies and what have you), there’s really no wrong way to express how you feel.  So if something feels right, just go with it.  Keep reading to find the little things people do during s*x that mean they love you.



They communicate. When your partner is asking what you want, they’re focusing on how they can make this experience the best that it can be. They want you to feel exactly what you’d hope you’d feel during s*x. With his need to satisfy your needs, faking is definitely not required.

They’re not done ’till you are. It doesn’t matter how close they may come to climaxing, if you haven’t gotten there yet, they’ll hold on with dear life. That’s really saying something. When a fellow can hold himself back, he’s truly fighting against nature to show you that he cares.

They let you take control. Some men like to carry with them a sense of power — not just in s*x, but in most situations. But when he loves you, he’s not worried about that. He’s not just trying to impress you with his masculinity. He just wants you to feel like you have the power, so he’s not afraid to play that card.

Worshipping each other’s bodies. People can be sensitive about the way they look without any clothes, but if they’re going to have s*x, they’ll have to get over that fear. When you’re mutually infatuated with each other’s physical form, it initiates the kind of comfort necessary for genuine intimacy.

They’re goofy. S*x can be as passionate as it is sometimes silly. That’s not say that he’s making a mockery of the experience, but that he feels comfortable enough with you to not be himself anymore. When he feels comfortable enough with you to laugh during s*x, you can rest assured that he’s got genuine feelings for you.

They put you before themselves. In the wrong hands, s*x can be unfortunately one-sided. That’s when you know you’ve found a bad lay. But when your partner puts you before himself, you know you’ve found someone who truly cares about how you feel. The lack of selfishness is proof enough.

Intimacy is key. They’re not just looking to hop on top of you and get themselves off. Not if they love you. He shows his true colors when s*x is its own date night. The mood is set, nothing is rushed, you feel truly special…

They hold onto you. Sure, at some point during s*x, the two of you may become so lost in the moment that “rough and wild” is putting it lightly. But when you notice him holding your hands or caressing your skin, you know that he’s really trying to put in the effort to make you feel as s*xy as you are craved.

They look you in the eyes. This moment isn’t just about them. That’s clear enough. Their focus is all on you, and they want to be lost in your gaze. Not because they think it’ll make you happy, but because they love that they’re in this moment with you.

Oral isn’t rushed. Some men just want to get right down to business — and who can blame them? S*x feels good. But this isn’t just about the s*x, and this isn’t just about them. They want to make sure you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Because they love you.

He indulges in your fantasies. Some men may either be too embarrassed to indulge in fantasies that you’re into, or they just don’t want to bother. But when they love you, they want s*x to be more than just s*x. They want it to be personal, they want it to be something unique that only the two of you share. This allows the two of you to truly bring yourselves into the moment.

Make him feel like the king. There’s nothing wrong with giving his ego a little boost in the bedroom. Some women may imagine that some men try too hard to stroke their own egos, but giving him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not a total d-bag and making him feel like the king will show him that you really care about how he feels, and that he’s just “some other guy.”

You smile at each other. Actions speak louder than words, and so do facial expressions. Smiling at each other while you’re making love is a simple sign that expresses absolute pleasure and total comfort. It signifies the purest kind of pleasure, and the idea that you both want and need each other.

They never run short on kisses. It may sound overly saccharine, but kissing during s*x is oftentimes a lost art for some people. Not everyone understands the true emotional weight attached to random pecks here and there. It’s attentive love at its sweetest.

They don’t just pass out afterwards. S*x can tire anyone out. That’s just nature. But when he fights the urge to just fall into a post-coitus stupor, you should take that as a true sign of love. He’s showing you that he didn’t just want you for the s*x — he simply wanted you.


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