• March 19, 2019

Category: Love


How to Find Real Love When You Think It Will Never Happen

  Why do we give ourselves such an early deadline to find true love? Many of us are in such a rush to find our perfect match that we either disappoint ourselves when we can’t find it or let ourselves feel stuck in a relationship that doesn’t bring us joy. Real love gives us the


A Message For All Of Those Who Overthink And Overlove

  Relationships are rarely ever easy for anyone. Relationships are always going to serve as big challenges for people who are looking to make love work. But it can be infinitely more difficult for the people who overthink and overlove. In fact, it can be nearly impossible. When you are someone who overthinks in a


12 Things A Girl Might Miss About Her Ex-Boyfriend

  Your ex definitely wasn’t your ideal partner. Otherwise, the two of you would still be together. However, that doesn’t mean that it was all bad. Certainly, there are a few things about him that you might miss. And that’s part of why breakups are so hard. They force you to think about the things


What It Means To Love A Woman Who Is Used To Being On Her Own

  These walls; that she has managed to build over time is ingrained into her very being. She has a shell that she retreats into whenever she’s caught in a place of discomfort or worry. She never likes to feel vulnerable because in her mind, vulnerability is weakness. A woman like her who is used


How do you push love away from yourself, based on your zodiac sign

  Love is an incredible, but frightening feeling. Even if deep down you want to love and be loved, you carefully protect your heart from possible pain. Fearing that you are rejected and you may lose something very valuable is enough to make you hesitate. So, this is how you give up true love, depending on your astrological

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