• March 22, 2019

Category: Personalities

Top Zodiac Signs Ranked By Their Inner Beauty

Cancer It’s only logical that you take the top of this list. You’re so kind-hearted and full of emotions. There is enough love in you for the whole world. The problem with being so kind and good is that you get attached to people easily and they know how to take advantage of you. You

Your Myers-Briggs Totally Determines How you Clean

Your Myers-Briggs Totally Determines How you Clean (Excuse me, what is Myers-Briggs? Myers-Briggs is an assessment that helps identify a person’s preferred way of doing things in four key areas. If you’re not familiar, you can scope it out here or take an unofficial assessment here.) ISTJ Your home may look like chaos incarnate, but you know that your deodorant stick

22 More Times When Tumblr Got Myers-Briggs Right

1. That time it called out the iNtuitive bias, hard. 2. When it explained how to stress out each type. 3. When it ruthlessly shut down function stereotypes. 4. That time they just rolled with a celebrity mistype. 5. That time it made function pairs hilarious. 6. That time it explained the struggles we’re all

The Strengths Of Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ISFP • They relate to others easily and like to establish goodwill and harmony. • Dislike conflict. • Curious personality. • Live in the moment and are warm and relaxed. • Have a vivid imagination. • Are able to show their creativity in tangible ways. • Under their shyness, they feel intensely. When doing something

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