• April 20, 2019



Aries: how is it so easy for you to make friends?


Taurus: why do you isolate yourself?


Gemini: will you ever stop searching for a new adventure?


Cancer: why are you so hard on yourself?


Leo: how do you remain so positive even in the most unfortunate circumstances?


Virgo: why is it that you rarely talk but when you do, you say the most beautiful things?


Libra: why do you succeed at everything?


Scorpio: why are you so infatuated with power?


Sagittarius: how do you stay so honest?


Capricorn: how do you remain so patient?


Aquarius: why do you stay loyal to those who barely deserve it?


Pisces: how do you fool others into thinking they know so much about you when they only know a fraction?

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