• April 20, 2019

Read this if you think he is cheating on you.


Too often, women tolerate men who do not respect them. This is angry, because usually they are beautiful and intelligent women who just got the wrong man, but they blindly fell in love with him.

But if you still have glimpses of common sense and you begin to suspect him of treason, that’s what you should know:


1. Trust the intuition.

If you feel that something is wrong, usually it is. If you feel that you need to check his phone or social network, it is your intuition that tells you that something is wrong. In most cases, the inner voice does not lie, and you just need to listen to it. But even if he is silent, ask yourself: “Why am I with someone I do not trust?”

You know that when you are confident in a relationship, you are not afraid that a person can go to the left.

2. Forget about pride.

No one wants his forehead to say: “They changed me”, but you need to forget about pride to find out the truth. Otherwise, one day you will wake up and find out that he has several more families on the side. You’re not bad if he cheats on you. Every failed relationship is a lesson. But the right person will not come into your life if you are distracted by justifying the other, the wrong. Yes, betrayal – it hurts. But it is better when you know that you can find someone who will treat you with dignity.

3. Ask a friend.

Sometimes you need a side view. Find someone you trust, and let this person tell the truth – give him dry facts. It is better if it is a man who can assess the behavior of your boyfriend from a male point of view. Just listen to him, no matter what he says.

4. Pay attention to all the details.

His friends, your friends, casual girls in his Instagram. How do his friends behave next to you, what does he do when they call or write to him, whose photos he likes and comments on. Do not ignore the obvious points.

5. Remember that this is your relationship and your life, because this is your choice.

Will you stay or leave, believe it or not, this is your choice. No one knows your relationship better than you. The main thing – do not stay simply because you are afraid to remain alone and never find love again. Because you are worth more.

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