• April 18, 2019

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  Can anyone ever resist your kissing? Are you as good as you think? Take a look if you’re one of the best kissers of the zodiac!   1. Pisces The fish are the friendliest and most selfless people you will ever meet. That’s why they are the best kissers. They bring so much emotion into their kisses and

9 ways to get even closer emotionally in a relationship

  Emotional proximity is like a bank account. It must be constantly replenished so that it does not end. If only to withdraw funds, the account will not increase. So emotional closeness takes time, effort, and communication. And here’s what you can put on deposit for your rapprochement: 1. Say “thank you.” This is the little you can do. Be

3 easy ways to get close if you have been together for a long time

  Need to reanimate your relationship? It takes effort. Relationships are perhaps one of the most time consuming parts of our lives. Nevertheless, this is the main source of happiness and joy. The main thing is to know a few secrets that will help maintain a close and strong relationship. If you feel that you have drifted away from

10 easy ways to find out how serious he is.

  When a man says he wants you to have everything really, how can you not believe it? But if you want to know if he really thinks so and is tuned, that’s what you need to pay attention to. 1. He puts the photo with you online. He is not obliged to post selfies with

8 things that a man has no right to expect from a woman

  Having expectations from relationships is good, but they must be reasonable. And although women are usually blamed for wanting too much from men, sometimes men expect too much from women. Here are at least 8 things that many men expect from a woman, but have no right to do this: 1. She should be perfectly shaved

6 signs that you are incompatible, no matter how much you like him

  Strong relationships require much more than just your attraction to each other. Maybe in fact you are not so compatible, even if there is sympathy:  1. You are not interested in spending time with his friends. His friends reflect his personality, because he was their choice. And if you don’t like them, then maybe you still

Read this if you think he is cheating on you.

  Too often, women tolerate men who do not respect them. This is angry, because usually they are beautiful and intelligent women who just got the wrong man, but they blindly fell in love with him. But if you still have glimpses of common sense and you begin to suspect him of treason, that’s what you


  No-bullshit women can not be manipulated by others, and they simply know how to stand up for themselves. They may be loud or may even from time to time be considered crazy, but their uniqueness is what makes them best friends. Sometimes they may seem too intimidating just because they are not afraid to

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