• April 18, 2019

Category: Relationship

10 reasons why you do not attract men

  If you’re one of those girls who just seem to have little luck with guys, then this article can help you shed light on the causes. At some point, if the scenarios of your relationship are repeated, and even unsuccessfully, you need to pause and evaluate. What is the problem? In guys or in you? Obviously, you

If you often say these 7 things, your man is toxic

  In a toxic relationship, it often happens the way it was with me: in my heart I knew that he treated me badly, that I had to leave him. But I never had the strength to start life without him. Because I stayed with him. I remained in a toxic and violent relationship. In the end, he left

9 things on the first date that enrage men

  The first date is exciting in the positive and negative keys. On the one hand, you are anticipating a new acquaintance, on the other hand, you are worried that everything will turn out well. Because you should know those things that exactly enrage men on the first date. Try to avoid this to make a good impression:

If these 11 things apply to your man, you are very lucky!

  Today there are a lot of men who make themselves real, even if they really are not self-confident puppies. These only waste your time. You want a man who knows exactly how relationships work. Who understands what love is. You want to be with a real man. But how to know what he is? Here are a few signs: 1.

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