• April 22, 2019

What Do Venus And The Stars Say About YOUR Future?


Something BIG and GREAT is happening in the stars lasting through the first week of July.

Mercury in retrograde is winding down, and I don’t know about you, but I‘m counting down the minutes. There’s more good news for your happiness as well, helping to SAVE all of our bacon! (By the way, please don’t literally “save” bacon…it’s just an expression!)

Something BIG and GREAT is happening in the stars as of the very end of May and lasting through the first week of July that’s very zodiac-ally special (according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign).

The planet considered the BEST in all of astrology—the great GOOD GUY—just moved into a sign where it joined the other BEST planet. That’s right—Venus moved into Cancer, where it’s joining Jupiter.

And, what makes this extra special is that Jupiter is considered “exalted” in Cancer—making it at its MAXIMUM strength.

When a planet is in a sign that makes it very happy (or to be more astrologically correct, where it has “good dignity”) it helps to usher forth the best of what that planet is about for all of us.  And when ANOTHER planet JOINS an exalted planet, it gets “lifted up” and the BEST of that planet comes forward, too.

When it’s the planet of EVERYTHING WE ALL WANT (oh gee, love, pleasure, abundance, happiness, flowers, fashion, yummy food, hot sex, etc., etc.) that’s a great thing! Yup, Venus is about some pretty groovy stuff.

I forgot to mention romance, fun, socializing, beauty, sensuality, food, music, art, jewelry, clothing, gardening, creativity, and luxuries of all kinds and more (in other words—it’s the planet of all the “goodies” that make life worth living, and that our very human egos desire). Ahhh!

So Venus getting an extra OOMPH from Jupiter now is a good thing (especially in the oh-so-emotional and heart-centered sign of Cancer!), and will shower down some good juju on all of us.

This is again according to the calculations of Vedic astrology. Jupiter has been in Cancer since July of last year, and stays there until mid-July of this  year…so there’s only a few weeks left, and we’ve gotta make the most of it!

Jupiter is in Cancer only once every twelve years, and it’s such a big deal that my first astrology teacher planned the birth of one of his children around it so he’d have spiritual strength and wisdom…and it worked!

So this super-sonic energy of Jupiter is SMILING on this super-sonic position of Venus, helping Venus be even more…well, VENUSIAN.

Jupiter also happens to “be in charge” of some super important areas of life, according to astrology: the mighty planet rules marriage, husbands, children, faith, philosophy, healing, higher knowledge, abundance of all kinds and spiritual expansion.

For the two “great benefics” in all of astrology to be together like this at once, while Jupiter is exalted is fantastic and rare. So rare, in fact, that it hasn’t happened since a mere couple of weeks in July of 2003.

So, gee, what could it possibly mean when the two planets that rule pretty much EVERYTHING having to do with relationships are both so strong, and so powerful, AND working together (by Venus getting a huge lift from Jupiter)?

It means that if you haven’t been getting any good lovin’ in 2015, now’s the time. It also means that peace and harmony and good vibrations should be more abundant in general the world over, as Venus is the planet of diplomacy, and Jupiter is the planet of peace.

So expect the economy to be better (these are also the planets of banking, real-estate, and luxuries, after all – in the sign of real-estate!) and general optimism to improve.

And no matter your relationship status or how challenging things may seem – whether you’re single and dateless or married and miserable—take heart. Venus and Jupiter can help.

Now, just as with everything in astrology, this affects all of us differently, depending on how these “good vibrations” interact with our own personal astrology charts. But typically this positive juju can work in your life in one of two ways.

It will either improve your love life by creating tangible, obvious things (like get you a guy, or draw the guy you’re already with to you in a bigger way).

Or it can bring you the INSIGHT and ANSWERS you’ve been seeking to shape your romantic destiny for the better—and make your dreams of love come true down the road when it’s your time.

(The third way is that you might just have so much fun playing with friends, eating, drinking, and shopping yourself silly—satisfying all your OTHER Venusian desires—that you don’t so much need anything else!) Ahhh!

I’m going to also tell you what the expansive, empowering Venus energy is doing FOR YOU by describing what it will be like for each of the twelve rising signs.

You can read this from your Sun and Moon sign, too…you MUST know your birth time to find out your rising sign, which will reveal the specific section of your chart, a.k.a. “house,” Venus is visiting at this time.

The rising sign switches every 90 minutes to two hours. If you already know your houses in Western astrology, you’ll still need to run your Vedic chart at the link below, because the calculations are different in Vedic astrology by almost—but not quite—an entire sign.

First go here and run your chart. There are two charts that will come up—they are the same chart but in different formats. Just look to the chart on the right hand side, in the format of North India.

Look for “Ca” for Cancer and then look for the number in the same box. That’s the house that Venus is “smiling upon” for the next three weeks.

Here’s the influence of Venus in the different houses lasting until July 4th:

Cancer Is Your:

First House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Cancer)

Good vibes are now smiling on your health and appearance. This is the time to upgrade your hairstyle, wardrobe, or overall look. You’re feeling more popular, charming, and upbeat than usual… and yes, this is good for your love life, and should help increase your social life all around.

Second House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Leo)

Celestial forces are now blessing your finances and reputation. You can increase your income, or find better sources of income like a new job or side business. You’re feeling closer to friends and family. Watch out for your sweet tooth.

Third House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Virgo)

Stellar energies are now at work supporting your creative pursuits, especially if you’re a writer, artist, or performer. This is also a great time for any entrepreneurial pursuits or marketing you’ve been needing to do.

This is especially social for good times with your neighbors, work colleagues, and younger siblings. Take luxurious short trips.

Fourth House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Libra)

You’re now enjoying good mojo with your home and family—especially your relationship with any mother figures. If you’ve been needing to do any home improvements, now’s the time.

This is also an excellent time to find a new home or vehicle—just be careful not to go crazy with extras you can’t afford. Your happiness expands and you feel more enjoyment all around.

Fifth House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Scorpio)

Blessings are now raining down on your romantic life and your spiritual studies. If you have children, they’re thriving now. If you want them, this is an extra fertile time. There can also be more financial growth and ease now, especially with your investments and stocks.

Sixth House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Sagittarius)

The planets are shining on any legal, financial, or health challenges you have, giving you an extra advantage. If you need to have a medical procedure or launch any legal battles, do so now. This is a fantastic time to hire anyone or ask for more help in general.

Seventh House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Capricorn)

The stars are uplifting your love life—if already in a relationship it can go to the next level now (and your partner is enjoying an extra boost in their own life, too). If single, please go mingle! This is also a beautiful time to travel and expand your professional goals. The rest of us are jealous.

Eight House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Aquarius)

The solar system is showering you with unearned money now—expect royalties, inheritance, dividends, insurance payouts, monetary gifts, or just a sudden growth in your investment portfolio. There may be a surprise increase in help from others. If you do research or esoteric studies your efforts flourish now.

Ninth House/Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Pisces) 

You can significantly increase your spiritual gifts now. It’s as though you’re always in the right place at the right time with a “get out of jail” card in your pocket. This is a wonderful time for any foreign travel or spiritual study.

Find a guru, pick a yoga class, and watch your wisdom and inner peace expand. If you’re a writer, this is a good time to publish something, or get some great creative work accomplished.

Tenth House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Aries)

The stars are boosting your career. If you’ve been wanting to up-level what you do, this is an excellent time to take on more, go for your dream job, or figure out what you want to be when you grow up (finally!). You’re feeling more upbeat and popular in general—yes, even romantically.

Eleventh House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Taurus)

You’re enjoying more love from groups, friends, organizations, and people in high places. If you’re not a “joiner” get out and fake it now. You’ll be amazed at how well you’ll be received and the gifts your group activities will bring.

This is a great time for your money to increase—ask for a pay increase or raise your rates.

Twelfth House/(Or Your Sun Or Moon Sign Is Gemini)

The planets are calling on you to go within and find the love you long for IN YOU. Sorry, this can be a great time for more “bed pleasures,” however, so take a tantric workshop, or call an old lover who especially thrilled you and perhaps revisit the good times—watch expenses.

If you can swing a spiritual pilgrimage, this is a great time to visit far-off, gorgeous lands.

This simple technique of looking to what house this lovely combo of Venus and Jupiter is influencing is a big clue to seeing what part of your life will get a nice “boost” so try to take advantage of this, as Venus won’t be back here for a little over a year.

I hope you feel inspired to make sure you have a BLAST now. Seriously—go for it. Whatever part of your life is being blessed by these special, rare combinations can REALLY improve.

As for me, I’m looking forward to kicking “the cruds” and to enjoying some fun celebrations in my family, and to hearing from YOU about all YOUR good news. So please let me know how it goes! As ever, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

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