• April 22, 2019

Which Plant To Cultivate At Home According To Its Zodiac Sign?


Flowers or green plants? White or colored flowers? Plants easy or difficult to maintain? You never know how to answer these questions. To find your ideal plant, how about trusting the stars? Discover, according to your astrological sign, the ideal plant to make your interior bloom!



1. Aries: bamboo

A sportsman and adventurer at heart, Aries loves exotic plants. But he does not have a green thumb. Bamboo will be perfect to satisfy his desires elsewhere without wasting time to maintain regularly …


2. Taurus: a bonsai

Because he truly loves nature, Taurus spends a lot of time caring for his plants and his vegetable garden. His favorite plant? A bonsai whose evolution it will be able to observe while caring for it thoroughly.


3. Gemini: tillandsia

With his atypical personality, Gemini is attracted by plants that are out of the ordinary. And because he tends to forget to water them, he needs a resistant plant like tillandsia. Also called “file of air”, it is a plant that grows without land!


4. Cancer: the azalea

Also known as rhododendron, azalea flowers with abundance and delicacy. White, pink, purple or red colors, they crack the most romantic souls. That’s good, Cancer is known for its extreme sensitivity …


5. The Lion: a banana lotus of gold

To make the interior of a Lion bloom, you need color and volume. A flower that is noticed and does not go unnoticed. The golden lotus banana is a perfect example. With its radiant color (yellow) and inflorescence of an impressive size, the Lion will be filled!


6. The Virgin: aloe vera

A specialist in homemade recipes, the Virgin always sets her sights on aloe vera. Not only is it a graphic plant for her interior but she can also use it to create beauty treatments. And it does not take more to convince her …


7. Libra: the orchid

With its balanced and precious temperament, Libra is attracted by beautiful things. She sees the vegetation as art and cracks especially for the elegance of an orchid. He even collects them!


8. Scorpion: a cactus

For Scorpio, you need a plant that, like its character, does not lack spice! Of course, we think of the cactus! And in good sign of earth, one does not doubt that it will find its happiness in this dry and extreme environment.


9. Sagittarius: a palm tree


Since he is the traveler of the Zodiac, Sagittarius chooses his plants according to their exoticism. The palm remains a safe bet to afford a total change of scenery. Attention all the same, the palm tree needs a lot of heat to blossom!


10. Capricorn: a carnivorous plant

Admittedly, plants are not part of Capricorn’s hobbies. For a plant to fascinate him, it must be peculiar. A carnivorous plant could arouse his curiosity! Because, you will understand, the Capricorn does not see too much the interest of the houseplants!


11. Aquarius: flowers of passion

Known as the sign of all eccentricities, Aquarius will set its sights on flowers with psychedelic colors. To respond to its expansive temperament, passion flowers are a big choice!


12. The fish: aquatic plants

Sign of water, the fish finds a particular interest for the aquatic plants. The good news ? Terrariums are ultra trends! What to allow him to create mini aquatic gardens in its interior …

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